Standard Whip with a Lady's Underarm Turn

This is the standard whip with a flourish, a turn.

In the standard whip, the lady returns to the end of the slot backing up. Here, she is going to make her way to the end of the slot while turning in an underarm turn.

On count 3, the gent has to lead the lady to face back to where she is going. He does this using his right arm on the lady's back. On count 4, he slides her right hand across her body and over her head. As always, the lead should be gentle, a simple physical message to the lady to "please turn here".

8-Count west coast swing (8 counts, 10 steps)
with descriptions in red specifically for the whip with turn



Men Do
(start left)

("cross step out of slot")
("hold lady so she is facing forward; lift arm to lead turn")

("back in slot")
Tri-ple step
("in place")

Women Do
(start right)

("face forward")
Tri-ple-step (right-left-right)
("begin underarm turn")
Walk (left)Walk (right) Tri-ple-step (left-right-left)
("in place")

To those familiar with smooth lindy, the whips must look very familiar. There are only so many things the human body can do, so it is natural that the movements of one dance often resemble those of another, even dances that originated at different times in different parts of the world.

Some variation of the underarm turn is an essential part of almost every couple dance form -- cha cha, waltz, west coast swing, foxtrot , salsa, etc.. It is recommended for students to always have the idea to experiment with introducing steps they know in one dance form into the new dance they may be learning. Some steps will make a good fit, and some won't. Later in the next chapter, we'll see how cha cha figures are a good fit to the west coast swing form.

A Digression: Click here to see the lindy hop whip with a slightly different turn.

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