Sugar Push with a Touch Step on 3 - 4

The "touch" part of the
touch step on count 3:
The man's left and
lady's right feet are
just touching the floor.
The weight remains on
the other foot. On
the next step after the
touch step,the weight will
shift to the "touching foot."










A touch step has two parts, a "touch" and a "step". The "touch" is a touching of the floor without a weight change and is done with the knee flexed and heel pointing upward (see photo, left).

After touching, the same foot then takes the weight.

The touch step is generally not led by the gent. Rather, the lady or the gent simply do it. Here it is shown on 3 - 4 of the sugarpush, but it is an attractive variation in a lot of other moves as well.

As is more often the case in West Coast Swing than in other couple dances, each partner can do variations independent of the other. Here the gent can do a triple step on 3 - 4 while the lady does the touch step, and neither interferes significantly with the other.

6-Count west coast swing foot rhythm with
touch step on 3 - 4 (6 counts, 7 steps)



Men Do
(start left)

Walk (left)Walk (right) Touch Step (left, left)
A Variation of Tri-ple-step (left-right-left)
Tri-ple step (right-left-right)

Women Do
(start right)

Walk (left)Touch Step (right, right)
A Variation of Tri-ple-step (right-left-right)
Tri-ple-step (left-right-left)

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