Combination: Sugerpushaway preceded by an Underarm Turn

This is a variation on the sugarpush called the sugerpushaway.

The combination starts with a 6-count underarm turn (see section 1c) with the only difference being that on the last step of the sequence, the leader will switch the hand that is holding the lady's right. The switch will be from the leader's left hand to his right hand. This switch puts the couple in the "handshake" hand position (man's right, lady's right) which is required to do the sugarpushaway.

The sugerpushaway: On 1-2, the leader stays in the slot and with one arm puts the ladies right hand behind his neck, and with the other he gives a little push above her right hip. In response, the follower triples back to the end of the slot (3&4), and finishes with a triple step (5&6).

Notice that the gent has to duck and lean forward in order to place the follower's hand over his head and behind his neck. He should be certain not to yank the lady's arm in doing so.

As the lady backs up to the end of the slot (3&4), her right hand (which is on the back of the leader's neck) slides down his left arm and into his left hand. Now the couple is no longer in the handshake position but rather are in normal left-right. (Note: The convention is "man first" so that "left-right" signifies the man's left and the woman's right. This is universally the practice so far as we know.)

We will skip re-diagramming the underarm turn because the only variation from before is that on the last count in the sequence (count 6), the leader simply changes hands. But here's the sugerpushaway:

The 6-Count SugerPushAway



Men Do
(start left)

Walk (left)Walk
("arm over head, leave go")
Tri-ple-step (left-right-left)
("shove very gently")
Tri-ple step (right-left-right)

Women Do
(start right)

WalkWalkTri-ple-step (right-left-right)
("slide right hand down his arm")
Tri-ple-step (left-right-left)

The real point of this page is to show the sugarpushaway. The underarm turn was used to allow for the hand change. Virtually any move could be used prior to the sugarpushaway to allow the leader to change hands. We chose the underarm turn, but the tuck turn, Go-Back turn, whips, etc. could precede the sugarpushaway just as easily. Or, the leader could simply change hands just standing there, without using any figure to do it.

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