Left Side Pass

As with the sugar push, the lady walks toward the man starting on her right. But unlike with the sugar push, the leader steps to the side of the slot (out of the way of the approaching lady)and does a 1/4 turn (90%) on count 1 as he applies a gentle pull to the lady's arm. Because he is to the side of the slot and out of her way, the door is open so to speak, and the lady knows to go to the other end of the slot.

On counts 3&4 the lady steps to the side(3), cross steps(&) an steps(4).

Here as well as in most west coast swing moves (including all of the moves in the first 3 chapters of this course), whenever the lady is at the end of the slot, she triple steps in place.

The leader should keep the follower's hand about waist high during the left side pass.

About the name of this move -- the gentlemen actually steps off the line to his right, but the lady's left shoulder passes next to the man's left shoulder, so the move is referred to as a left side pass.

The footwork:

6-Count west coast swing foot rhythm (6 counts, 8 steps)
with descriptions in quotes for the Left Side Pass



Men Do
(start left)

WalkWalk Tri-ple-step
Tri-ple step

Women Do
(start right)


The woman's footwork is exactly the same in the next figure, the underarm turn.

Gent steps out of the
slot on count 1 thus
allowing lady to walk past
him. The name "left side
pass" is deceiving,
at least to us.

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