2-Hand Tuck Turn

Shown: Tuck Turn (6counts),
Underarm turn (6 counts),
to count 3 of Tuck Turn

Walk Walk TouchStep TripleStep -- That's the Lady's part.

On count 2, the gent is outside the slot thus making room for the lady to travel across. Before she does, however, he raises her arm on count 3 so she knows to turn under. She replaces her usual 1st triple step with a touch step. That is, she touches with the sole of the right foot on count 3 and then steps with the same right on count 4. At the end, there is the ubiquitous triple step on 5&6 (Remember that "&" represents a step, so "5&6" represents 3 steps).

Does the lady have to substitute the touch step for the triple step? No, but it looks better in this particular move. (See 3a. for a more detailed discussion of substituting the touch step for the triple step.) The gent steps back on 1, side on 2, and on count 3 -- let's freeze it here.

On count 2 1/2, the gent does two things:

So the lady is turning one way and immediately the other. The bigger she rotates on the "tuck" of the tuck turn, the bigger the ensuing turn. This slingshot effect -- pulled one way before being sent the other -- is common to many kinds of dance.

The footwork:

6-Count west coast swing foot rhythm (6 counts, 8 steps)
with descriptions in quotes specifically for the 2-Hand Tuck Turn



Men Do
(start left)

Walk (right)
("forward, out of slot")
("turn the lady
and raise her arm")

Women Do
(start right)

Touch Step
(right touching, right step)
Tri-ple-step (left-right-left)

The Gent extends his right
hand and the lady sees
it and takes it

The lead on
count 2 1/2

Count 3, the
lady's touch step


"5 & 6"

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