8. Left turn with leader’s embellishments, walk out on follower’s left side

Introducing the sequence with a series of back ochos for the follower, the leader then embellishes the spin that leads her to dance a grapevine pattern around him.

Version #1:

The entrance to the back ochos is the standard side L, together R, side L (1, 3, 1) for the leader, side R pivot back L for the follower. From the follower’s next step, back R the leader pivots her to the left and prepares his rulo by crossing his L foot in front of his R, taking no weight. As he spins left on his R foot and allows his free L foot to describe a circle to a position behind his standing R she pivots and steps back L, side R, forward L (1, 3, 1). Leaders walks forward R through her side step R and out on her left side.
Version #2:

The same as above, except for two details.
1. The back ocho is lead from the cross foot walk on the follower’s left side. 2. The leaders begins his rulo with a L foot kick forward between the followers feet as she steps back L. Leaders note that this kick between her feet is executed close to the floor, quickly, and is best practiced the first few times without shoes!

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