7. Right turn with trailing foot from back ochos

His upper body is
rotated towards her as he
moves in front of her

Watch how each twists to
face the other in the sequence

Halfway to the .....

....long side step

Together again.

From the follower's back ocho the leader steps beyond her, pivoting to the right and pulling her past him, then follows her out.

Follower: Side R to the right, pivot back L pivot back R, side L, forward R, side L, back R (1, 3, 1, 3, 1). Her pivot back R, side L, forward R are executed in a tight circle around the leader, the side L & back R steps progress in line of dance.

Leader: Side L to left, together R, side & slightly forward L (1, 3, 1). He then steps around her on his R foot, pivots 180* and steps back L, forward R, all on the slow beats (1 of the measure)

The follower’s quick steps above are matched by all slows for the leader, or to put it another way, in this sequence he is stepping once for every two steps of hers.

To keep the follower moving through this fast step pattern the leader must indicate his expectation at two spots. First he accelerates her into her pivot back R, side L, then as she steps forward R must accelerate her again to avoid her slowing down her next two steps.

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