4. Media luna (half turns) with walk out reverse line of dance for leader

Step 2. Leader's weight will
remain on his right...

...still on his right....

...still on his right,
she is led forward


...he moves back with his
back to to line of dance. Finally,
he is about to change weight
to his left

A fast left half turn that leaves the leader walking backwards against line of dance.

Follower: begins side right on R foot, then back L, side right on R, forward L (1, 3, 1), then pivot 180*and step forward R. After that one of two endings: version #1: another step forward L, side R, to back L, starting the back, side, forward pattern again. Version #2 ending is simply to step forward R, pivot right and step L in front of leader.

Leader: begins side left on L foot, forward R, pivoting sharply 180º left but keeping weight on (or returning weight to) R foot. He may then walk out backwards L, backwards R leading the followers to step in line with him, small side L leading her to step sideways large enough to stay in front of him.

Though the leader’s weight is mostly on his R foot during his pivot, he must keep his chest forward sufficiently to accommodate her axis during her forward L, pivot, forward R sequence (her forward ocho)

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