3. Rocking left turns with leader’s variations

From any forward left step....
It starts here with leader's
forward left. He rocks follower
and starts to twist....

One step later, leader has rotated
90 degrees. Follower steps forward.

Leader rulos with his left
as she steps side R

To outside her left side. (This
ending is version 1. In version 2
the rulo ends in a hook behind
his right foot)

From any leader’s forward step L he guides follower to rock back R, forward L, side right, the couple turning left with rulo (curling or circular embellishment with his leg) and/or with hook behind for leader.

Follower’s steps are the same in both versions: rock back R, forward L, side right on R (1, 3, 1) pivot step back L

version #1. Leader rocks forward L, back R, sweep L in a circle that ends in walk forward on L on follower’s left side. His rulo takes 4 counts, and so the follower takes her side step R a full 3 count measure before the leader finally follows. The rhythm of his steps would be (1, 3, hold 3 counts, 1)

version #2. Leader rock forward L, back R, hook behind L, walk forward R on follower’s right side. In this case the rhythm of his 4 steps is (1, 3, hold 2 counts, 3, 1)

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