2. Pivot at follower's cross, leader walks out opposite side

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Step 1

Step 2

He creates some distance
just before the cross.

He steps with a long right. First
her body turns, her hips follow.

He pivots. Her right leg remains
close to the floor. The second
time through in the video she
kicks up her right which, though
classy, may be dangerous.

On the next
step (not shown), he walks
back, she forward.

From follower’s cross, where her weight is on her L foot, leader steps around her to the right on his R foot. Follower pivots 180º on her L foot and then forward R following him as he walks backward reverse line of dance**

In version #1 in the pivot the follower keeps her free foot close to the ground, as is considered safe and appropriate for social dance situations. In version #2 she lifts her free foot as she pivots.

In the video this is danced all slows or with no syncopations. Why not try a syncopated version yourselves?

About axis: At the moment of the follower’s cross, in order that she remains securely on her axis as she pivots, the leaders must plot his path in a circular fashion around her. His side R (4th pic) for instance is around her in an arc, and his L back is taken with his chest twisted towards his partner in an effort to help her stay on axis.

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