13. Follower's free turn (hands free turn) from the cross

At the cross, leaving room
for the turn

Leading the free turn

He steps to moves around her (thus
shortening the amount she needs to
turn), and she rotates her head in
order to face him at the earliest time
(sometimes called spotting the turn)

Facing each other. His next step
(next pic) is a long side step,
and hers is a forward step away
from him.

Notice that through it all, she
is twisted to face him as much
as possible.

It would be dramatically less appealing
if she were looking straight ahead or
down at the floor and not at him.

At the follower's cross, the leader leaves some space to give follower room to turn. At the same time as he releases his right arm from her back and brings her left hand across her torso, thus signaling her to turn, he moves around her and reconnects with left hand to her right hand in an almost side by side position, facing in opposite directions (see pic, left). Each has taken 3 steps from the beginning of the free turn. Her 3rd step is forward; his is side. Her forward 3rd step and his side 3rd step are away from each other which give the following pivot by the follower a slingshot effect.

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