11. Left turn starting at cross with sacada on follower's side step

From the cross, the feet
are in cross-system....

....Leader’s right leg to follower’s left leg sacada.

As leader steps forward between
follower's feet he lands just inside
her trailing (unweighted) foot.

.... and outside left side

In cross system, as follower crosses L in front of R, leader crosses L behind R. He then twists left to lead her side step, at the same time stepping between her feet R. He then walks out L on her left side.

The following syncopations occur: at the beginning of the sequence, as the leader steps side L, together R, forward L the rhythm is 1, 3, 1. At the cross in front for the follower and in back for the leader, the rhythm for both is 1, 3, 1.

Variation: In the video the sequence is performed twice the same way, connected by another sequence consisting of a syncopated side R, together L, forward R (1, 3, 1) for the leader as he turns his partner to pivot backwards left into a back step L. This situates him on her right side once more where he walks follower to her cross (1, 3, 1) then a rocking change of direction to a side step beginning the sequence again.

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