10. Walks on two sides

Leader's cross foot walk on follower's right side

Just before the cross

Leader hooks left in front of
right with no weight on the
left until.....

....he walks out between her feet.

Leader hooks right behind left
preparatory to walking outside
her left side

Leader goes from cross foot system walk on follower’s right side to her cross, where he embellishes, to her left side walk.

Leader steps side L together R forward L (1, 3, 1) to follower’s cross (1, 3, 1). At her cross he embellishes with an amague or front hook with his L foot flicking across his R, preparatory to syncopating forward L between her feet, hook behind R, and finally forward L on the left side (1, 3, 1). Next the leader steps side R, turning the follower into a back ocho for a change of direction and the whole sequence is danced again.

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