1. Ocho cortado from right turn

Step 1 to the side

Step 2

Step 3, forward and side.
Even as leader rotates,
follower's chest faces him.

He steps behind (sort of
a hook) with his right.
He "untwists", his right
will not move as the follower
steps left over it. (next pic).
(Follower always faces him.)

Leader's "untwist" continues

Neither his left nor right have
moved as leader's "untwist"
has ended. He leads follower
to put some weight on her left

.....he reverses her (by reversing
himself) and she crosses left in
front of right. He, by the way, must
remove his right foot from between
her feet to allow her to cross.

The Ocho cortado (cut-off figure 8), is a pattern particularly suited to Tango Vals because of its change of rotational direction from a right to a left turn. Adding an introductory right turn makes it even more interesting!

After his side and forwards steps, the leader immediately begins the right turn by stepping side L, hooking behind and pivoting. The follower feels the request to step forward twice around the leader on his right side. From there his continued rotation leads her to step side L as though moving into a grapevine pattern.However, he allows her weight to rest on the side L step only briefly before stopping her and quickly swiveling his chest left causing her to reverse her direction correspondingly, crossing L in front of R.

Follower: side R, back L, then she begins the first syncopation: small side R, forward L forward R around leader (1, 3, 1) then side L, replace R, cross L in front of R, taking weight on L (1, 3, 1). Because of the rotational feeling of this move, at the point of her cross the follower allows her weighted R foot to swivel toe toward the left, and her left heel to lead the way into the cross.

It is very important in this sequence that the follower face the leader with her chest at all times.

Leader: side L, forward R then he begins the right turn starting with his step side L, hook behind R, then pivots on two feet until unwound (1, 3, 1). He then pivots right still further, leaving his feet in place but taking weight briefly on the R, then the L where he begins his change of turning direction by starting his chest turning left, then stepping back R continuing the sharp twist left (1, 3, 1). This leads the follower to take her side L. replace R, cross L.

During the last sequence though stepping backwards the leader must keep his chest forward, or the follower will be pulled forward off balance at her cross.

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