9. Continuous left turn with syncopated crosses for leader and follower

These 6 pictures show the
leader taking 6 steps (1,3,1
1,3,1) in four measures to
the follower's 5 steps
in the same 4 measures
(1,3,1,1,1) (each measure
having 3 beats). Here the
leader shortens the follower's
step by twisting and blocking
her from taking a bigger step
with him.

Still twisting, the leader
crosses left in front of right.

Still twisting --- this
completes the first 1,3,1
for both

Both step.

Only the leader steps
here on count 3.

Both step on count 1.

This figure starts as in figure 3, the cross foot salida, through the follower's syncopated cross.

Leader's part: Next he steps forward L twisting left, then side R (1st picture), cross L in front of R (2nd picture), back R (3rd picture) (1, 3, 1), side L (4th picture) together R (5th picture) forward L (6th picture)(1, 3, 1), forward R, forward L. (See Authors' Introduction for the meaning of (1, 3, 1))

Follower's part: She has just stepped backward out of her cross on her R foot, and next steps side L (1st picture) together R (2nd picture)forward L (3rd picture) (1, 3, 1) side R (1) (4th picture) back L (1) (6th picture), then through her cross once more RLR (1, 3, 1)

Some leaders experience difficulty getting around their partners to the leader's cross. His side step R should be longer than the follower corresponding side step L. He accomplishes this by twisting his chest leftwards as he steps side, effectively shortening her step by placing himself almost in front of her (1st picture). He continues his leftward turn on the cross, barring her way at that moment and so leading her to step together R as described above. At this point she is facing the leader 180 away from her starting position (2nd picture).

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