8. Continuous counter-clockwise (left) turn.

Taking it one step at a time:
outside her right side...

...back in the track,
beginning the twist for the...

...turn. He takes a long step
to her shorter one.

As in all the steps, the
feet come together before
the next step.

In outside right postion he
pivots and backsteps, again
taking a larger step than she....

Back right in front
of the follower

Side left facing follower. He
takes a short step while leading
the follower to take a larger

...and repeats.

All steps for both leaders and followers in the basic version of this turn are slows, taken on beat 1 of the measure. It is important for all steps to be finished by the dancers closing the free foot to the standing foot before proceeding to the next step.

Leader's part: starting sideways L, forward on R foot in outside right position (1st picture), forward on L foot in front of follower beginning the twist for the L turn (2nd picture), sideways R facing follower (3rd picture), back L in outside right postion (5th picture), back R in front of follower (6th picture), side L facing follower (7th picture).

Follower's part: starting sideways R, backward on L foot in outside right position (1st picture), back on R foot in front of leader beginning the twist for the L turn (2nd picture), sideways L facing leader (3rd picture), forward R in outside right postion (5th picture), forward L in front of leader (6th picture), side R facing leader (7th picture).

A characteristic of this figure is that both partners must constantly adjust the length of their steps to maintain their chest-to-chest postion.

Each of the 6 steps in this sequence turns the couple a little further, ending with the leader facing front again, having turned through 360. You'll notice that the leader and follower are doing exactly the same steps, though out of phase with each other.

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