6. Combining figures 5 & 4: Salida to cross to front ocho
to Left side walk to right side walk to cross.

At the cross, the leader steps back...

...and crosses right in
front of left.

Leader steps right
between her feet

...and then outside her left
side with his left foot.

Figure 6 combines figures 5 & 4: Basic salida to cross to front ocho to L side walk to R side walk to cross. We start with figure 5, at followers forward ocho onto her R foot just after her cross. The leader has stepped back L (1st picture), and now crosses R foot over L (2nd picture). As the follower steps in front of him onto her L foot, the leader pivots to the L on both feet and then steps forward on his R foot between her feet, then forward L on her L side, beginning figure 4.

Follower's part: After finishing her front ocho her transition step is side R. She then steps back L, beginning the sequence described in figure 4.

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