5. Basic salida to cross to front ocho

After the cross, it is 4
steps: first, leader steps back
while bringing follower forward.
She keeps her chest facing the
leader as much as possible while
her hips and feet face her
direction of travel.

a 180 degree pivot, more
of less, by the follower.

Both forward and...

Leader steps long to the side
bringing follower with him.

Feet together. While not
not discussed and not necessary
for the figure, note that
the 1st time through the leader
does not lead her to put her
left foot down, but keeps her
up (as her feet come together)
and leads her to a small left
side step as a transition.

Here we begin as in figure 1, going as far as the follower's cross.

Follower's part: At the cross, with the follower's weight on her L foot, the leader pivots her slightly left, which causes her to release and unhook her free R foot. She then steps forward on her R foot (first picture), pivots hard R (2nd picture), steps forward on her L foot, pivots once more to face her partner, collects her feet and walks back on her R.

During her pivot steps, called ochos for their figure-8 quality, she keeps her chest facing her partner as much as possible while her hips and feet face her direction of travel. See a description of ocho technique on the definitions page.

Leader's part: The leader changes feet on beat 1 of every measure: side L, forward R, forward L, together step R, back L, forward R.

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