3. Cross foot salida to follower's cross to walk

He steps down with his right
but does not lead her to
step with her left, thus
going to cross system. The
next step is left for both.

A few steps later, still
in cross system, both here
on lefts.

The switch back to parallel
system: he accelerates her
to the cross but does not
step left himself...

...thus, the next step is left
for him and right for her
(parallel system).

In a more sophisticated version of the basic salida, the leader steps sideways L, together R, freeing his L foot to go forward as the follower's L foot is free to go back. His R step together is within the measure, on count 2 or 3 as he prefers. The follower has no second step within the measure, in other words she steps side R, closes her L but does not change weight. The leader must take care when changing feet NOT to lead the corresponding change for her. (1st picture, left).

To proceed with Figure 3, leader steps forward L, follower back L, then leader forward R, follower back R. Next she syncopates through cross (stepping on 1, 3, and 1) as he walks through, dancing only on all the heavy beats (the 1's). The leader guides the follower's syncopation through the cross by accelerating her as she reaches back with her R foot, though in this case he does not accelerate his own steps (3rd picture). So, in two separate places in this figure, the leader and the follower are momentarily dancing to a different rhythm.

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