11. Right turn

With the focus on the leader --
Outside her right side...

...side (her feet together)...

...back (she forward)...

...together, leading her past.

He hooks right in front of left...

...steps right between her feet...

...and out.

Leader's part: The leader steps forward R on the follower's right side, starting the syncopated turn with a twist right on that forward step. He next steps side L, back R, at which point he has turned 180 (1, 3, 1).

Continuing the right turn, he places his L foot next to his R (video version 2) and then steps forward R between her feet, 'following' her out. In video version 1, he embellishes with a small hook with the R foot in front of the L (5th picture), on his way to stepping forward between her feet. After the first three syncopated steps, all his steps are slows.

As always in the Tango family of dances, in order to communicate this move successfully the leader's chest lead, twisting continually to the right, must precede his foot movements.

Follower's part: The follower steps back on her L foot, already twisting right on that step, steps R together, then forward L on the leader's right side. (1, 3, 1), then forward again R, side L, and back R.

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