10. Ocho Cortado, or cut-off figure 8's

Syncopated rocking step

His forward right
on her right side

She steps left, and in this variation
(the 3rd time through in the video)
she brings her right quickly to
her left before...

...stepping right. Note the
leader's orientation here versus....

...here. With a twist of his
body, he leads the follower
to cross left in front of Right.

...and out.

The ocho cortado is a pattern particularly suited to Tango Vals because of its rotating quality.

From a syncopated rocking step (1st picture)the follower steps forward R on her partner's right side (2nd picture). From there his continued rotation leads her to step side L as though moving into a grapevine pattern (3rd picture). However, he allows her weight to rest on the side L step only briefly before stopping her and quickly swiveling his chest left causing her to reverse her direction correspondingly, crossing L in front of R (4th picture).

Follower's part: starting with her step back R, replace L, forward R (1, 3, 1) then side L replace R, cross L in front of R, taking weight on L (1, 3, 1). Because of the rotational feeling of this move, at the point of her cross the follower allows her weighted R foot to swivel toe toward the left, and her left heel to lead the way into the cross. This video sequence shows three variations or embellishments of the side-replace-cross sequence for the follower. The first is the most basic.

Leader's part: starting with his step forward L, replace R, back a very short step L (1, 3, 1). He then rotates chest right, opening the toes of his R foot a quarter turn but leaving his heels close together and shifting his weight briefly to the R foot. This leads her to take her side L step.

Next he pivots his chest L and transfers weight to his L foot momentarily and without moving it, then steps back R continuing his sharp chest pivot to the left. At this point he must keep his chest forward, or the follower will be pulled forward off balance at the cross.

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