1. Basic salida to follower's cross to walk.

Beginning Tango Waltz
Lesley Mitchell & Kelly Ray

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This is a fundamental pattern in Vals or Tango. Here each step takes one whole measure, in other words we dance only on beat 1 of every 3 in the measure. As you may see in the video the effect is still one of constant motion.

Follower's part: step side R*, back L*, back R, cross L over R transfering weight to L, then walk back R, back L, etc.. Each of these steps, including the L crossing over the R at the cross, are slows, in other words taken on beat 1 of each measure.

Leader's part: step side L, forward R, forward L, feet together R (at the same moment as follower crosses L), walk out forward L, forward R, etc.

What makes the follower cross? A tiny pivot to the left* of the leader's chest and arms, or his dance frame*, which has been slightly rotated right* towards his partner as he walks forward. The pivot left starts as she steps back onto her R foot.

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