Exercise 9: Walking Together - Leader Backward/Follower Forward.

Although the leader will be walking forward and the follower backward for the majority of the dance, there are many figures that require the leader to step or walk backward and the follower forward. It is therefore important to gain comfort walking together in both directions.

THE LEADER should step backward just as the follower does when she walks backward. He should extend his leg back while keeping his chest forward. If the partners are well connected through good dance frame, the follower should feel herself being pulled forward as he shifts his weight backward.

THE FOLLOWER, as always, should wait to step until she feels her partner pull her. However, she should not provide resistance to his forward pull by pulling backward away from him. She should try to keep the same feeling of compression with her partner when he pulls her forward as she feels when he pushes her backward. In order to keep the same kind of compression, she must walk forward without resisting the pull. It's as if she is trying to stay "glued" to him when he travels backward away from her.

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