Exercise 1: Walking Forward

Both leaders and followers should practice walking forward by themselves, focusing on good posture and balance. Walking well by yourself improves your ability to walk with a partner.

Be sure to keep your head up and chest forward as you walk. Think of your chest as the part of your body that you want to arrive first.

Make distinct weight shifts from one foot to the other as you take each step. Try to keep your chest over the foot you are stepping onto, which will help to make your weight shifts distinct.

When legs pass by each other, there should be no space between them. It's as if the feet are moving along tracks that are right next to each other.

Keep a good connection with the floor. Do not lift your feet up as you step. Rather, let them slide along the floor.

Do not do this!
When doing tango,
do not walk or stand with
your legs apart. Your legs
should move right next to
each other. No light
should be seen between
your legs as you walk.

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