7d. Embellishing the First Step of the Grapevine (Leader and Follower)

At the cross.

The embellishment just prior
to the lady's forward step.

The lady has stepped forward.
Here the leader is continuing
his embellishment.

Both the leader and follower can add some flare to the first step of the grapevine by creating half circles on the floor behind them as the follower pivots out of the cross. These embellishments can also be done with ochos.

THE LEADER begins to lead the front step of the grapevine, and then he adds his embellishment. Do not try to initiate the follower's grapevine and do the embellishment at the same time. Trying to do both simultaneously is likely to make you lose your balance. Take care of the follower's motion first, and then take care of your own. You must have very good balance to do this embellishment. Practice the exercises at the end of this tutorial, especially the one on "Finding Your Axis," to develop your balance.

THE FOLLOWER extends her right leg behind her as she pivots out of the cross into the front step of the grapevine. This embellishment also requires good balance. Practice the exercises at the end of the tutorial to develop it.

The figure on the next page shows the leader continuing his embellishment on one foot all the way through the lady's grapevine, which is the most difficult move for the leader in this section.

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