7c. Grapevine with a Sandwich

The lady steps side and
is about to back step.

On her back step,
The right to left stop.

Holding her in place, the
leader steps left into the

The leader steps back out
of the sandwich and invites
(leads) her to step over.

This figure starts with a grapevine led from the follower's cross. Whenever the follower does a back step in the grapevine, the leader can initiate a sandwich just as he can when she does basic back ochos.

Here the sandwich starts with a "right to left" stop (leader's right to follower's left. The leader is referenced first by convention). The leader then holds the follower in place while he "sandwiches" or puts his left on the other side of her foot (3rd photo). In a wider context, the leader should think of the follower's back step as presenting the same options generally, whether in ochos or grapevines.

Review section 6f to improve your ability to do a sandwich.

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