7b. Grapevine with a Two Sacadas

Sacada on the lady's 1st
step forward. Here the leader
chooses not to make ankle to
ankle or calf to calf contact
but this is close enough to be
considered a sacada. The next
right to right sacada will
be deeper.


Just prior to stepping, the
leader here lifts his knee
as if it were lifted by a
puppet string, with his foot
pointing to the floor. As al-
ways, his weight is forward.

Before this thigh to thigh
contact is made, Jackie has
stepped side and her weight
is on her left. The sacada
allows their feet to be
positioned as points on a
triangle,which makes them
very stable.

This figure begins just like the the front ochos with sacadas in section 6c. (see 1st photo, left). However, instead of repeating the front ochos, the follower is led into the side step of a grapevine. The leader sacadas, or displaces, the side step (3rd photo) as well as the front step of the grapevine (1st photo). Practice grapevines and section 6c. to improve your sacadas.

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