7a. Grapevine with a Stop

The stop on the right
(clockwise) grapevine.

He pivots her...

...and she steps over. In
the video, she then does
a grapevine back the other
way (left or counterclockwise,
not shown in this sequence of

...and during a left grapevine...

There's her forward step,
the target of the stop.

The leader lifts his knee
first while keeping his toe
on the floor (for style)
and takes aim

It is difficult to see,
but he has started to
pivot her before their
feet meet.The initial
contact here is left to

She is about to step
over with her right.

This figure starts with a grapevine led from the follower's cross. Whenever the follower does a front ocho in the grapevine, the leader can block her with a stop just as he can when she is doing basic front ochos (see section 6d.). Stops work well only if you have good balance and a good connection with your partner when doing grapevines. Practice grapevines so that they become familiar and balanced. Once you can reliably do good grapevines, adding stops to them will be easy.

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