6f. Back Ochos into a Sandwich

First, the right to left stop
(man's right to lady's left)

The sandwich.

He invites her over.

She pauses and he obliges.

This figure is called a sandwich because the leader "sandwiches" the follower's foot between his feet. In the above video, Steve sandwiches Jackie's left foot, but the move can be done on either side. Try to do it to both sides. The sandwich is part of some interesting advanced figures, so become comfortable with it.

THE LEADER places his foot next to the follower's front foot as she shifts her weight back into the ocho. As he does this, he stops leading ochos, so the follower waits. The leader then sandwiches her foot with his other foot and steps back out of the sandwich. This backward shift causes the follower to shift forward. At this point, the leader can block the follower's forward motion with an upper body lead, giving the illusion that she is blocked by his outstretched leg (as shown above); or he can lead her to step immediately over his leg (not shown above). He should be positioned so that she can step straight forward when she steps over his leg. She should not feel as if she has to step around his body. When she does step across his leg, he leads her into an ocho, and then walks forward out of the ocho.

THE FOLLOWER simply feels the leader blocking the motion of her back ochos when he sandwiches her. She generally will need to have her weight shifted to her back foot when he sandwiches her front. She waits until she feels him pull her forward to step out of the sandwich. If he blocks her at his outstretched leg, she can choose to brush his leg (shown above) while she waits for him to lead her to step across it. She is then led into a front ocho and walks backward out of it.

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