6e. Using a Rock to Get In and Out of Back Ochos

The rock. The next step...

is a wide side step...

...and into the back ocho.

And now to exit back ochos
using a rock step....

He steps alongside her back
ocho, the first step of
the rock step...

... and rocks back

This figure uses rocks to get both in and out of back ochos.

THE LEADER rocks forward with his left foot and back with a quarter turn. He then steps sideways into back ochos. Remember that the leader takes two steps to the follower's one as he pivots her in preparation for the first ocho. The extra step should be smooth so that the follower cannot feel the leader taking it. Otherwise she will match him step for step. She should only feel the lead to pivot into the back ochos.

The leader can get out of these ochos by doing a rock and pivoting a quarter turn so that he can continue to walk forward in the line of dance. Again, he must take two smooth steps to the follower's one as he pivots her in preparation for this rock.

THE FOLLOWER rocks back and forward beginning with the right foot. She is now ready to step to the side and pivot into back ochos. She rotates her hips fully so that she can step straight back into the ochos.

This figure has many changes of direction that a beginning follower might be tempted to anticipate. Do not try to guess the direction of the next step in the figure. In fact, do not focus on your steps at all. Concentrate on keeping your chest oriented toward your partner and staying connected with him, and you will step in the appropriate places.

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