6d. Front Ochos with Stops (paradas)

Even though it appears that
the foot contact causes the
stop, the stop is led with
an upper body lead.

He invites her over. Notice
the stylish step of the
lady, knee high and foot
pointed to the floor.

THE LEADER leads small front ochos by stepping in place rather than taking side steps. When he pivots his partner, he extends the leg that is closest to her. This forward extended leg appears to stop her from stepping. Although some contact might be made between the dancers' feet and legs in a stop, the follower's motion is actually stopped by an upper body lead. If a leader tried to stop her motion only with his leg without stopping her motion with his upper body, she would probably stumble into his leg.

THE FOLLOWER should not to allow her leg to hit her partner's with a lot of force, which could cause injury. She should also concentrate on keeping her feet together as she pivots and to point her toes as she steps over her partner's leg into the ochos.

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