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6c. Front Ochos with Sacadas

In the above movie, the leader appears to be displacing the follower's back foot at she steps into her ochos, but the displacement, or sacada, is an illusion. He doesn't actually push the follower's foot. He just touches it, or comes close to touching it.

THE LEADER leads a series of front ochos from the follower's cross. When the follower steps into her first ocho, the leader steps to the inside of the follower's trailing foot and "displaces" it. Remember, this displacement is an illusion. Her foot would have moved in the same direction even if he didn't do a sacada simply because she is being led that way. When she does her next ocho, he hooks his right foot behind his left. On her next ocho, he again "displaces" her back foot, and so on.
At this point the leader steps
toward the follower's back leg
to begin the sacada. He will
shift his full weight onto
that step. She is twisted
sharply at the waist in order
to stay as connected with
with him as possible.

Ochos with sacadas (displacements) are led COUNTER to the follower's motion (see section 1.a ). Do not hesitate to assertively step into your partner's space as you lead the ocho with a sacada. Since you are moving counter to your partner's motion in the ocho, she will have stepped away from you into her ocho by the time you reach her space.

THE FOLLOWER: This figure presents a challenge to the follower because the leader steps somewhat behind her when he does the sacada. When he does so, she must twist her upper body quite sharply in order to keep her chest oriented toward his. Even with this sharp twist, her chest still faces away from him because he is behind her. This body position is appropriate and momentary. She will again be able to face him as she pivots into her ocho. When you twist your upper body in order to stay as connected to your partner as possible, do not arch your back. Twist at the waste, keeping an upright posture.

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