6b. Front Ochos from a Rock

She steps forward...

...he gets out of her path
by rotating 90 degrees.
(This is a good shot of
the follower facing the
leader from her rib cage up.)

The middle of the pivot

The leader will rotate
back the 90 degrees,

like so.

This figure is similar to the rocking turns in the Level 1 Tutorial, but the leader rotates to the right instead of the left.

THE LEADER rocks forward and back beginning with his left foot. He then leads the follower in two front ochos. At this point the figure can be repeated.

The front ochos in this move are best led COUNTER to the follower's motion (see section 6a. for more details).

This figure is done on a slot , with the leader stepping out of the follower's way so that she can step straight forward into her front ochos.

THE FOLLOWER rocks backward and forward begining with her right foot. She then does two front ochos. At this point the figure can be repeated.

As with with all figures, the follower tries to stay in front of the leader with her chest oriented toward his (unless she is clearly led to do otherwise). If she tries to stay in front of the leader in this way, she will automatically pivot into ochos because she will have to in order to face him.

It is important for the follower to keep her chest forward as she rocks backward. If you let your chest (and, therefore, the weight of your body) shift too far back when you rock, you will have difficulty stepping forward into the front ocho.

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