Preface to Argentine Tango 4
Level 4 presents figures which are slightly more difficult on average than the figures in level 3.

As well, because computers have become faster and faster, we are emboldened to increase the length of the clips. In this section, in addition to the shorter clips, you will find a full-length demonstration (3 minutes) showing the figures of Levels 3 and 4. A caution is in order

The full-length video is an enormous file to download, 6 megabytes long. Over a dial-up modem, even at a fast 56k connection speed, the clip will take 30 minutes to download. For this reason, we broke down the demo into 30-second and 1 minute segments, in addition to the full-length version. Those with high speed connections (cable, DSL...) will experience almost no wait time because QuickTime starts playing the movie once it detects it will not reach the end before the download is finished.

Putting Argentine tango 4 together was enormous fun for us. We hope you enjoy it as much.

November 22, 2002

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