4c. Stepping out of the Grapevine at the Back Step

As the lady backsteps, the
the leader steps close to
her back foot to position
himself to pivot her 180 degrees.

Once the leader has pivoted the
follower into the 180 degree ocho
from her back step in the grape-
vine, he is to her right and can
lead her to the cross.

The most common lead out of the grapevine is on the front step (see section 4b). Here is a slightly more difficult exit on the back step. This figure basically combines the grapevine (in section 4a) with leading the follower to the cross (in section 1c).

THE LEADER leads the follower in a grapevine starting from the cross. When the follower reaches the back step of the grapevine, he leads her to pivot into a 180 degrees ocho instead of leading the next step of the grapevine, the sidestep. He leads the 180 degree ocho by reversing the rotation of his shoulders from the right to the left. At this point the leader is to the follower's right. Remember from section 1c. that when the leader walks while on the follower's right, the follower crosses on her 2nd back left step.

THE FOLLOWER: As we said in the last section, the follower never knows when she will be led out of the grapevine, so she must not step before she feels a lead to do so. Remember that she takes one step per count, unless led to step otherwise.

A blasphemous suggestion from DanceTutor.com:
Fun can be had by trying Argentine tango figures to other types of dance music -- swing, waltz, etc. but in particular, slow dance music, as in slow dancing.

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