4b. Stepping Out of the Grapevine at the Forward Step

Her forward step in the right
grapevine (to the leader's right).
Here it is the exit step...

... where she is led to pivot
180 degrees
(sorry for hiding the lady)

This figure demonstrates the simplest and most common way to get in and out of a grapevine.

THE LEADER begins the grapevine from the follower's cross. Whenever she reaches a forward step in the grapevine sequence, the leader can make her pivot 180 degrees on that step (turning the forward step into an ocho) instead of leading her to continue with a side step.

He does this by stopping the rotation of his chest to the right, and rotating his chest (VERY SLIGHTLY) instead to the left. Afterward, he can lead her out of this ocho just as he does in section 3b.

THE FOLLOWER never knows at which point she will be led out of the grapevine, so it is essential that she steps only when she feels her partner leading her in a clear direction. Beginning followers have a tendency to rush their steps in the grapevine, stepping before the leader has led them. The rule (or "code") is that the follower takes one step per count unless led otherwise. If the follower rushes her steps (2 steps per count or whatever) while the leader is attempting to lead only 1 step per count, the leader will have difficulty getting out of a grapevine.

KEY POINTS: Most grapevines turn in a clockwise direction (to the leader's right) as the one above, but grapevines can be done in the other direction. If a counter-clockwise grapevine is led from the cross, it will begin with a side step to the follower's right (leader's left) and continue with forward, side, back, side steps, etc. Practice grapevines in both directions.

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