Rocking Drag Right to Right

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The feet never leave the ground

"...a good one to learn
how to keep connection"

DT: Andrew, in this figure do you ever lose contact with a follower's foot?

Andrew: Yes, the follower is not necessarily always used to dragging the leader's feet. So the follower needs to pay attention to the leader's chest and that we are asking her just to step forward and we'll let our leg accompany her leg. A lot of followers will either step over or we need to keep light pressure against our feet so we can follow it, and hopefully they will keep the tempo that we are leading with. And on the drag the feet never leave the ground.

DT: Will an experienced follower always follow that lead?

Andrew: Yes.

DT: What is the key for the follower here, Kana?

Kana: Many ladies loose contact when he starts going back. This is a very good one to learn how to keep connection between gentlemanís foot and ladyís foot.

DT: How much of an effort is it to maintain contact with the gentlemanís foot?

Kana: Very little. But you have to keep some contact to the floor as well as to partnerís foot, so you will have some resistence to each otherís foot.

DT: So your feet are not leaving the ground?

Kana: No.

DT: Kana, how do you know to drag him in return?

Kana: As long as I keep the connection with his foot, I know immediately when he wants me to follow his leg-- I mean when I go forward and he goes backward. It may look as though I am dragging his foot but I am still following his foot.

DT: So you are not dragging, you are just maintaining contact with his foot?

Kana: Yes. Often we get asked is lady taking the iniciative for this, but he is still leading.

DT: Do you ever take the iniciative?

Kana: Younger generation do more exchangable lead and follow.

DT: I thought we were the younger generation . . . .

Kana: ...including us. I think we could provoke some kind of move, in a way.

DT: Andrew, have you ever been provoked?

Andrew: Yes, it's great when a follower knows when to lead a drag, but in my experience most followers try it at the wrong spot.The leader has to be free in his lead at that moment, and not going into something else.

DT: That's always the difficulty, isn't it? If the follower wants to lead, the leader may also assume that he is to lead the next move, so each ends up doing one's own thing at the same time.

Kana: Two people driving one vehicle. Usually it won't work.

The Keys:
Generally, when the leader's foot and follower's foot are in contact, the follower maintains contact with the leader's foot until led to disengage. Here the lady's right is "following" the gentleman's right until he asks her to step across.

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