Puenta with Lift

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Both will rise with weight
on their right feet at
the point where the man's
right is at in the photo

DT: What is the leader doing here, Andrew?

Andrew: As we place the follower into a puenta, we actually go into a lunge. First we should step back small with our right foot and then go into a lunge with all our weight on our right foot and let our left leg extend behind us. For this particular Puenta, rather than walking the follower back up, I basically stand up over my right leg and I bring the follower up with me. She slides forward rather than me walking her back up to straight.

DT: Kana, does anyone lead you in such a move as this while you are dancing socially?

Kana:No. But Andrew did when we danced socially first time. (laughs)

DT: Did you try that with Kana the first time you danced socially?

Andrew: Yes. I had seen her dance so I knew she could do it.

DT: Did she make a face?

Andrew: She didn't make a face, but she laughed. Most followers are surprised because the puenta is not led that deeply very often, and they are generally always stood back up rather than being lifted back up.

DT: Kana, you have given workshops and danced in your native country, Japan, and visit there frequently. How is Argentine Tango faring in Japan?

Kana: I have tango workshop in Japan every 3 months, 6 months at most and tango community is growing, even in my town which is not Tokyo. In Tokyo they have more tango community

DT: Where is your town?

Kana: My town is Fukuoka, closer to Korea and China. And as you know probably from different movies like "Shall We Dance", Japanese people more reserved to be so close. But tango they start dancing close embrace as well as open hold.

DT: In New York, where you reside, what is the mix of close embrace and open style?

Kana: Most dance close embrace but there are people that prefer open hold as well. And either works.

The Keys:
The gentleman, instead of walking the lady up, stands up on his front right foot and lifts the lady to him.

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