Parada witih Calecita

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DT: Kana, when would you like to be led to the calecita.

Kana: That goes with the texture of the music, not only calecita but any movement that you feel that gentleman has a specific appreciation to the texture of the music, it's a very delightful experience.

DT: You initially came to New York to complete a master's degree at Columbia University in music education. Do you still teach music?

Kana: Yes. One goes with other.

DT: As a follower, how do you like your partner to lead a calecita?

Kana: Gentleman has to be very sensitive to the lady's axis, so he will not push or pull her from her axis Oftentimes the gentleman gets too close to the lady or go far then near to her. So, gentleman wants to keep a very nice circle around her so she can stay upright.

DT: Do you have a favorite way to get into the calecita?

Kana: From the sacada. Or a very simple one is for gentleman to backstep and on side step lift up. In the calecita, lady's weight is on her right foot usually, so if gentleman stop with weight on his right foot, they can both walk out with left foot which will take you to the cross basic.

DT: Andrew, what are some of the different ways you lead into the calecita?

The man backs up and turns
the lady who anchors on her
right foot in the center
of an imaginary circle
Andrew: My preference is to either end the back ocho and as we end it, we give a slight lift and a little bit of an overturn and that tells the follower to place her leg behind, or we can do it from a sacada, or basically in this instance where we pick up a sandwich where the follower sandwiches our foot and as we turn just a little bit towards our right, we give a little lift and the follower will tuck her left foot behind.

DT: Is the lift critical to all calecita leads?

Andrew: Yes, definitely.

DT: All the calecita's in this lesson are done counterclockwise. Do you also do them to the other side?

Andrew: I don't do them to the other side. I find it easier to do them counterclockwise because that's the closed side of our embrace. When we go the other way our steps need to be longer and I find it more difficult to maintain the follower's axis.

The Keys:
The gentleman steps evenly in a circle around the lady. There are various entries into the calecita. Calecitas are done in a counterclockwise direction. The lady remains upright and still. The lead to the calecitas involves a pulling up on the lady's back.

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