Left-to-left Parada with Right-to-Left Crossed Drag and Crossed Sacada

DT: You are calling the last part of it a sacada? Is that a sacada when you are not putting weight on the leg?

Andrew: Technically , it's a displacement. I could have put weight on it and made it a sacada. Some people call sacadas entradas.

DT: So sacadas are a kind of displacement?

Andrew: Correct.

DT: Rather than lead the boleo at the end, which you do I believe by keeping the lady over her right leg, is there any other lead after that final displacement, that is, any lead other than the boleo?

Andrew: I could follow through with the displacement which would force her leg to stay up.

DT: Doesn't it have to come down? Isn't that a boleo?

Andrew: No, a boleo is a marker. The leg goes up and then down. I could put weight on my right and hold her leg in the up position.

DT: Could you lead a right molinete after the displacement?

Andrew: It would be awkward, very awkward to the right, the left would be easier. I remember this felt awkward until I practiced it. Noone taught me this, I came up with this myself.

DT: Is feeling awkward independent of looking awkward? When you first do a figure, even if you accidently look great, won't you feel awkward until someone tells you you look ok? (laughs)

Andrew: For me, if it doesn't feel right, I know it doesn't look right. So I have to find the sweet spot where I have my balance and the follower has her balance. And that all hinges on adjustment of your frame, your posture, where your feet are and the position of your leg

DT: We started this discussion with the sacada, which is at the end. Let's go back to the parada for a moment. Kana, when he stops you, where is your weight?

Kana: When I know he stopped me clearly, I change my body weight to my back leg. He goes to parallel system to my left and there is no weight on my front foot.

DT: On that bump at the end, his right to your right, does the follower have any options?

Kana: Leaders can lead other options like calecita or lady's rear sacada. In either case, it has to be led by the gentleman.

DT: Are you being led to do the boleo or is that your choice.

Kana: I was led, he is still keeping me on my right foot, he is holding me so my left foot has no other choice, I can't go anywhere, so I just do the boleo.

Some Keys:
To have her left foot free to drag, the leader has to stop the follower on her back right foot. To have room to drag, he must be a foot and a half or so away from her left on the parada, because he will be dragging her left to his left foot.

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