Right to Left Parada with Sacada with Crossed Lifting Boleo with Right

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The leaders steps over but...

... will not put weight on his
right foot before it makes
contact with the lady's calf.

An instant before left to
left contact (next photo)

The leader's left, on
the way up, meets the
lady's left

The release. The leader's
foot goes up, not out.

DT: How much of this is led?

Kana: Everything is led, we didn't talk. He rotates my body until my back leg is caught by my foot and I just wait there until he brings it up. So everything is led.

DT: Andrew, could you lead an intermediate dancer to do this?

Andrew: Ah, yes. An intermediate dancer would be able to follow this without a doubt. When we lift the follower's leg, we're not really lifting it, we're giving it a gentle nudge and we follow through the rest of the movement leading through our chest. So, we're encouraging a boleo by gently lifting her leg.

DT: Where could the leader go wrong here?

Andrew: Where the leader will make a mistake is in the beginning with the sacada. We don't use our leg, our leg only, to displace the follower's leg. We take a sideways step and her leg is there? Beginners tend to stick their leg out and push the follower's leg away. I just take a step to the side, I take a side right step. Her leg is there, so it is gently displaced.

DT: Kana, in the 3rd photo to the left, your upper body is facing Andrew and your lower body is turned.

Kana: In tango it often happens counterbody movement that your left shoulder is forward, your right foot is forward, so opposite side of your body, leg and shoulder, are forward. Or it could be opposite of the photo with right shoulder and left foot forward. So you see from the back there's nice twist of the body. Ladies want to make sure that the back leg is stretching and front knee is soft.

DT: Thank you both.

The Keys:
For the "catch", The leader needs to continue to rotate the lady counterclockwise on her right foot to where her swinging left foot passes behind her right foot. Without allowing her to step on her left, he "catches" her left with his left and lifts up his left foot, thus signaling her to boleo.

-- End of Argentine Tango Level 3 --

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