Calecita with Puenta (bridge)

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DT: Kana appears to be almost upright, perhaps only slightly tilted. Is the idea to maintain that degree of tilt all the way around the circle?

Both: Yes.

DT: Kana, as he is walking around you, you are tilted only slightly.

Kana:A common mistake when they do this is if gentleman goes away from lady, lady gets very heavy and goes down. Energy goes down. Any time you have this tent shape, both gentleman and lady have strong upright energy, as much as possible.

DT: How about your feet? Where are you keeping them?

Kana: I try to keep my everything together, feet together, knees together , legs together with a little bit of open toe. The back of my feet are together, or, I put the toe of my back foot, left foot this case, underneath the heel of right foot. And then still stretch the back of the knee very straight.

DT: Are both of your heels raised off of the floor?

Kana: Ah, yes. So I am turning on ball of foot, of my right foot. There are many ways of gentleman start calecita but most of them start when lady's weight is on the right foot.

DT: Andrew, what is that first step you do at the beginning? It looks like your foot is out there first and hers arrives an instant later. Is she seeing that foot go out there or are you able to communicate that through your body?

Andrew: The first step its just a stylizing and it's a check to the left and I don't take any weight on that foot. I just flex on my right foot and go into a small lunge and just jut my left leg out. And again, keep the heel off the ground, just let the side of the ball of the foot touch the ground. So, point the leg, point the toes, make your legs look long as possible.

DT: What are the possibilities for the follower there?

Andrew: The follower can just keep her legs collected. She will have to accomodate us as we go down, because we are going to go down on our right knee, flex it a little bit. If we leave with just enough subtlety with a little sideward motion, she will follow that check and she will meet our foot out of the side and we will pull her back in and we can carry on. Or she may do little lapizes on the floor with her right foot.

DT: Okay, so you are going both down and you are doing a quick feint to the side.

Andrew: Exactly.

Kana: It is one of embellishments. And I think I have heard people call it in the Spanish word meaning something like false, or feint. You show as though you are going to move and yet you don't. If the lady can feel it, she can do the same with him. Sometimes it's also like testing the water, so I tell my gentlemen students to sometimes try that before you start and if she's not quite there, okay. But test the lady with a "are you with me? Are you with me?" (indicating)

The Keys:
The gentleman should walk a perfect circle with the lady standing in the center of the circle. Ladies keep upright energy avoiding a bend or collapse in the lower back.

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