Reverse Promenade with Kick

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Whether the "catch" step is
choreographed or led depends
on the lead-follow skills of the

DT: In videoing this entire lesson, we had to do repeated takes on one figure only-- this one. Ok, 'fess up! This is a choreographed move, isn't it? Or is Andrew actually doing something to make Kana's right leg so accessible to his left?

Andrew: This is not a choreographed move. If the follower has learned to walk backwards, the leader should learn to walk backwards also. And the leader should be able to lead a follower to walk backwards next to his side. It all comes from our frame and our chest.

DT: But what about catching her foot at the end?

Andrew: At the end, the leader places himself just slightly behind the follower and when we want to lead the kick in the flying boleo, we pull the follower closer into our right side and that is going to force her to cross. They may not get it the first or second or third time, but eventually if we pull them into our side strongly enough, they are going to be forced to cross their right over their left.

We cross at the same time because we’re leading this we know we’re ending it walking backwards and we are going to go from the boleo. We bring our foot, our left in front of our right and we find the back of the follower’s foot.

DT: you referred to a flying boleo, what’s that?

Andrew: It’s a boleo that is not in a circular motion but a boleo that is forward or backwards, straight.

DT: Like a chorus line kick?

Andrew: Yes, but not so high.

DT: It looks like Kana's leg is still going up as Andrew's is lowering. Who is supplying the propulsion there?

Kana: The lady gets the initial propulsion from the gentleman and follows with her own. This move you don't get socially. It's more for performance and stage.

DT: How much force are you giving her foot at the end, Andrew?

Andrew: I barely lift her foot at all. In the beginning the follower may not know this but the follower as soon as she feels that slight lift from the leader’s foot, she should swing her leg up and let it come back, pass through her other foot. We give the lead by basically pushing our foot behind hers, a gentle lead, she swings her leg, we swing our leg and we carry on from there.

The Keys:
At the end, the leader puts himself somewhat behind the follower and pulls the follower closer, leading her to cross. The gentleman walks backwards with the same form as the lady (reaching back on the sole of the foot), but taking smaller steps if he is taller than his partner.

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