The Seat

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DT: Andrew, is that a wriggle?

Andrew: That is a wiggle or wriggle. What’s important for the follower to remember is that she shouldn’t turn more than the leader, because we’re both with our legs crossed in between us ourselves. We make a pretzel out of our legs. So the follower wants to turn more than we are actually turning her. The follower should really stay connected to the leader’s chest with this one.

DT: Are you both supporting your own weight?

Andrew: We do both need to support our own weight and we both need to be glued together at the chest.

DT: Is that wriggle necessary to signal the woman to go down?

Andrew: No, it’s not necessary, if we hold the follower close to us, we start this very close embrace. We really cannot do this in an open embrace. So the follower can resist going down, but you can only resist going so much.

DT: Does the wriggle assist in the lead?

Andrew: The wriggle is a nice embellishment because otherwise we’re just going down and coming back up. So if we take our time and put a little twist in there as we go down, that’s a nice embellishment

DT:Again Kana, if he were to let go of you, you wouldn't fall?

Kana: No, no. I am just going down with him as he gets shorter and come up with him.

DT: When the two of you rise, Kana, you go up on your toes. It looks great, are you led to do that?

Kana: Yes, Andrew is pulling me up.

The Keys:
Stay close, support your own weight, no rush, take your time.

Both are supporting their
own weight

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