Leader's Gancho from Lunge

Collect after the drag.
The next step is left for
both because the man has
syncopated to cross system
or "same footedness"

He steps back and she
steps forward. As he
steps back he turns his
body to position for the

DT: When the lady steps forward left to allow the leader's gancho, she has to stop a moment, I guess. Are you leading her to stop?

Andrew: Yes, I am leading her to stop. I pull her forward into that lunge, and I am in her way so she can't go any further.

DT: If you look closely at the video in slow motion, you can see that the force of your gancho is lifting Kana's heel off the floor. What is the right amount of force to use?

Andrew: Too much force will knock the follower off her axis. But we want to accentuate the music with the gancho. My preference when the follower is doing the gancho is that I want to feel the emphasis, I want the follower to mark the beat with the gancho, and to put the style and the passion into the gancho which makes it that much more fun to do and lively. In some cases, the followers do a gancho so softly that I'm not sure they did a gancho or not. Ideally, they put their thigh against ours and the gancho snaps at the knee -- from below the knee swings up.

DT: You are ganchoing just above the back of her knee. Is there a desired contact point on the gancho?

Andrew: There is a desired contact point and it is right above the knee, thigh to thigh. And it's the same for the followers, a couple of inches above the knee, thigh to thigh. And the pressure against the thigh is firm.

Kana: When the lady walks forward with her left foot, if gentleman leads us to walk into his left foot, very close with our left foot, the gancho will be more likely successful.

DT: So, the closer the left feet are together, the easier it is to do?

Kana: Uh hum!

DT: Main points?

Andrew: The main points in this figure -- again, for the leader, to adjust his frame, when we pull the follower in we need to lunge and we need to turn our body to a right angle, turn our hips to a right angle in order to execute our right leg gancho against hers. And we need to adjust our frame, bring our left arm down in making that accomodation for the follow so that we are not pulling her on top of us. We need her to be stable as we execute the gancho because we are on one leg only.

DT: So if you were to suddenly let go of the lady, ideally she should remain standing and should not fall forward or to the side?

Andrew: Correct, correct.

DT: Any wisdom for followers, Kana?

Kana: Gentleman should think of lady as having her own space, to be on her own balance and not with gentleman holding us up. Not just on lunge, but always, almost always. Ladies should be brave enough to step forward deeply enough when he brings you forward, and find solid, grounded position herself.

We don't talk about arm position much, but in this kind of figure when we walk forward, ladies hand and arm should be flexible to adjust to comfrotable position depending on the figure and your partner's body.

DT: So here and generally, the lady's should adjust the position of their arms on the leader, I guess primarily the left arm, depending on the figure?

Kana: Yes, and what is comfortable to ladies -- or where to put arm -- depends on height and size of leader also.

Some Keys:
When the lady walks forward towards the man, she has to know to stop. The man has to stay directly in front of her. The step forward for the lady is left, and it is the same for the man.

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