Back to Back Gancho with Boleo from Right Parada

Right-to-left stop. The
lady will swivel on her
left foot 3/4 to....


As the lady steps over,
the man rotates her clockwise
to better position her for
the gancho. Compare the
position of her right foot
in this photo and the next
one. In this photo it
would appear that she would
step down straight ahead, but...

...not so. She is led
to loop around the
leader and in so doing
is better positioned to

DT: Did you ever kick anyone, Kana?

Kana: No, never (laughs). . . . . . .Whenever you do the gancho if you feel a gentleman's thigh on the back of your thigh, the soft part, you will not kick him. If your legs are apart, you could kick him.

DT: Ok, we discussed "when" on the last page, but let's do it again. When does the gancho occur, here and generally.

Kana: After he lets me walk over his foot with my right foot, he is shifting my body weight towards my back leg. So when I receive the lead I'm trying to close my right foot towards my left foot and that's when he interferes and gancho happens.

DT: Do you have the option to substitute a boleo for the gandcho.

Kana: Yes, ladies have that option. We can do either one. But Andrew is pretty clear that he is asking for gancho....

DT: Is it clear that he is asking for a boleo afterward?

Kana: No, the boleo is lady's option. He leads it sometimes but he is not forcing boleo here.

DT: Kana, if Andrew is not leading you to do the boleo after the gancho, why would you do it sometimes and not at others if there is an answer to such a question?

Kana: When you boleo after the gancho, you have to feel that it is appropriate with gentleman's timing and with music. So, in this case Andrew gave me enough time to do so, he didn't rush me into the next step. So I had enough time and I could do it with music as well.

DT: Andrew, it is widely held that the lady may substitute a boleo for a gancho. Is the reverse also true? On the boleo, could she gancho instead, which here would mean 2 consecutive ganchos?

Andrew: Ahh, ...yes...

DT: That was not a confident yes!

Andrew: No, a lot could go wrong on the second gancho if the leader moves his leg.

Some Keys:
The lady, if she is given time by the leader and is inspired by the music to do so, may boleo after the gancho, both in this and other gancho figures.

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