Follower's Drag to Right from Back Ocho

Lady's foot follows man's
from here... here.

Collect (feet together)

...backstep. This is the same
position now as in
first photo above.

DT: This is the same as the previous figure only in the other direction. Do you personally prefer going left or right in this one?

Andrew: I prefer the left because it's more conducive to put the follower into that back step from there. Our frame relation lends itself to go towards the left and I prefer to try this particular sequence to the left rather than to the right.

DT: Do you always go to the left then?

Andrew: No, I use both directions, but mostly I go towards the left.

DT: Kana: , do most men lead you right or left in this type of figure?

Kana: : I don't particularly know which side is more common or more frequently done. I think gentlemen should learn every figure they learn towards right and left. If you learn one step towards left, you flip around and learn how to do it to the other side, always.

Some Keys:
All figures merit a look from the opposite side, changing rights to lefts and lefts to rights. Most will work well from either side.

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