Follower's Drag to Left

Left-to-right contact

Lady's foot stays connected
with man's

DT: Andrew, how does she know to keep contact with your feet?

Andrew: Again, mainly through our frame. We keep slight pressure against her foot and pivoting the follower to take a back step keeps her foot in that position. As the leader continues to turn, she will drag our foot.

DT: Would an experienced follower be able to follow that on the social dance floor.

Andrew: Oh, yes, yes.

DT: Kana, that's an easy lead and follow?

Kana: Um hm. Ladies often ask what to do after the first drag. Unless you are feeling some kind of a clear stop from the leader, after foot is dragged, ladies always try to close your feet. In this figure, after you are dragged to the different positions you stand up and then close your feet.

DT: Close the feet?

Kana: After he drags the lady's foot, I am trying to close my feet so my left foot is touching my right foot.

DT: So, ideally, should the leader in your mind wait until your feet are touching before he initiates the next movement.

Kana: No, he's already initiating the next move. So in the course of one point to the other, I don't go from open foot to open foot. I always close my foot.

DT: Andrew, at the finish of the video, you invite Kana to step across. How did she know not to do that sooner, or, what kept her from doing that sooner?

Andrew: With correct frame, we keep her weight going towards her back foot. At the end of the sequence, we adjust our frame and change her direction and ask her to pivot and step across.

DT: Instead of leading the lady across at the end here, could you invite the lady to continue in a left molinete?

Andrew: We could. We just pull our left leg away and continue to turn towards our left and she would do a grapevine or molinete.

DT: Any other possibilities come to mind other than inviting her across and left molinete?

Andrew: Sure, we could hold her in that position and make a sandwich and step back left and then she would cross over our right foot. Another option is to walk out to the cruzada or cross. There are numerous options, but those two come immediately to mind.

DT: Main points?

Andrew: Because we are doing this repetitively, the leader needs to pivot on the right foot and be clear and as the follower takes our foot we are pivoting to our left on our right foot and the follower is taking our left foot to the side. We pivot and our leg stays rigid in our hip. Our leg does not go out to the side.

DT: The lady is not turning the man, the man is turning himself?

Andrew: Exactly, exactly.

Some Keys:
Absent a parada or stop, the lady's next step after a drag is to close her feet. In this figure, perhaps even more than in others, the leader has to keep the lady in position so as to continue the foot to foot contact.

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