Preface to Argentine Tango 3
There are three innovations introduced in Argentine Tango 3 which we hope will add to the DanceTutor experience:
  • The text is in an interview format,

  • There are feet-only videos as well as "full-length" videos for each figure, and

  • There will very shortly be higher resolution alternative videos for folks with fast computers and high-speed connections.
To now, in our own estimation, our text has been concise and meticulously accurate. But we recognize too that, notwithstanding the best efforts to enliven it, tutorial text can present a tedious reading experience.

Recently, our editor was reading an interview of two top Argentine tango performers in ReporTango. He did not know the individuals being interviewed but enjoyed the interview nonetheless because the dancers came through in the interview as having fun and a passion for dance, just like -- he thought -- the dancers at DanceTutor. We got to thinking,-- what if we let the dancers describe what was happening in the videos, in their own words, in response to questions, and, just for fun, occasionally ask them about their own experiences and preferences? Could it work?

Text in a dance tutorial is something different than text in a magazine interview, because the main focus of the tutorial interview involves such unsexy topics as where to put the feet, how not to kick your partner, etc.

Well, we did it, and we are satisfied with the result. We hope you will be too.

There is an explanation and a story behind the decision to offer alternative higher resolution (better quality) videos. This would be for the use of those with powerful computers and high speed internet connections. The story is that we got the idea from a gentleman who emailed to us that it would be nice to have alternative better quality videos for persons like himself who had high-speed connections. Especially with the "4x's larger" videos, he explained, the picture quality was grainy.

Well, we knew we could deliver higher quality video subject to two considerations, both concerning file size. If the video file is large (higher resolution) it will look better but:
  • 1. if the file is large, it takes longer to download, and
  • 2. if the file is large, it costs more to transmit.
Well, we are going to try it, starting in this section. But we have to work out a few details first, and it is behind a few other things, like Salsa and Lindy Hop 3. But, expect it in a month or two.

As always, we are forever tweaking this thing as we go along. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site. Hope you enjoy level 3!

August 28, 2002

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