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Argentine Tango 3 - Chapters 10 to 13

Argentine Tango Intermediate Figures


xx. Greetings and Introduction
Chapter Ten - Sequences Using Drags

1.    Drag from Right to Left Parada

2.    Drag from Grapevine Parada

3.    Drag from Grapevine Parada with Sacada

4.    Right to Right Drag in Back Ocho

5.    Right to Right Inline Drag with Mutual Sandwich

6.    Rocking Drag Right to Right

Chapter Eleven - Sequences with Ganchos

7.    Gancho from Left Parada

7a.    Lady opts for boleo rather than gancho (with left leg)
7b.    Lady opts for boleo rather than gancho (with right leg)

8.    Gancho from Right to Left Parada

9.    Back to Back Gancho in Back Ocho

10.    Rocking Double Gancho from Mordita

Chapter Twelve - Calecitas

11.    Calecita with Puenta (bridge)

12.    Parada with Calecita

13.    Parada with Calecita with Puenta (bridge)

14.    Calecita with Puenta Ending with Lift

Chapter Thirteen - Potpourri

15.    High Sacada in Right Grapevine

16.    The Seat

17.    Reverse Promenade with Kick

18.    Turning Mutual Boleos

19.    Right to Left Parada with Sacada with Crossed Lifting Boleo with Right

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